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Tehama County residents complain about misuse of address data

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Residents of Tehama County in California claim millions of dollars from the Department of Motor Vehicles are being sent to the wrong place by using inaccurate address data.

They argue that revenue from sources including abandoned car fees and registrations is being sent to nearby Shasta County because ZIP Codes are being used in isolation to ascertain individual addresses rather than full address data, reports the Courthouse News Service.

Residents say because ZIP Codes do not distinguish between county boundaries, motorists are being listed as living in Shasta County, whereas they actually live in Tehama County - as a result, dollars are being sent to the wrong place.

Tehama County residents have taken the matter to Sacramento Superior Court for a resolution as they hope to receive the revenue they feel they have lost.

In other news, a potential employee's past address data can be checked by businesses to make sure they do not have a criminal record, according to advice issued by website Professional Car-Washing and Detailing.