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Testing direct mail on a budget

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Sometimes, a tried-and-true direct mail piece or strategy may no longer bring in the response it once did. Other times, a company's marketing division may want to try a new idea, but doesn't have the budget to launch a full campaign. In both instances, testing direct mail variations - design, demographic, message, etc - can provide insights that bring promotional efforts to a higher level of effectiveness.

Dean Rieck offers a few quick tips on testing in a piece for the Direct Creative Blog. He advises changing the color or size of an envelope to force recipients into seeing a familiar piece of mail in a new light. Additionally, offering something for free or setting a limit on when a recipient can seize the deal can encourage consumers to act on the message.

Testing is not the only way a business can improve its direct mail response rates. By prioritizing contact data quality and using tools such as address verification software to make sure there are no duplicated or outdated listings on file, companies may be able to boost the return on their investments while running a more efficient campaign.