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The importance of cross-channel marketing

Rachel Wheeler Archive

A recent survey about businesses marketing on Facebook highlights the importance of cross-channel promotions.

The survey, conducted by Virtue, a social media management firm, showed that companies that were active on multiple social media programs saw a higher level of involvement on their Facebook page. It appears that maintaining marketing efforts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other sites increases customer engagement.

These results uphold the value of promoting your company across multiple mediums. However, this strategy  could create potential problems. As companies engage customers across a number of programs, there is an increased chance of gathering incorrect consumer data from these various sites. Businesses can become bombarded with data that can skew marketing results. 

Companies struggling to maintain a reliable database of consumer information  may find the need to perform repeated data quality tests. These tests become essential to the consumer engagement conducted on social media sites. Having 5,000 likes on a Facebook page becomes meaningless if the corporation cannot accurately assess who those fans are.

Proper research is a valued tool in creating value and generating sales. Regular tests, such as email verification, can help a firm ensure the quality of the data it uses to conduct promotional campaigns.