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The internet is essential for data management

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Data management is being transformed by current attitudes to technology by young people.

Speaking in an interview with Guardian Tech Weekly, Danah Boyd, from Microsoft Research, said that young people assume that technology will always be there and available.

"Even if they themselves don't use it or have access, they assume that these technologies are part of everyday life," she explained.

Ms Boyd added that the fascinating thing about the internet is that 15 to 20 years ago, it was confined to a subculture of young people, whereas now it is completely mainstream and depended upon by individuals and businesses for everything from socialising to data management systems.

The revolutionary effect of the internet to data management can be seen by the recent surge in cloud computing popularity.

Recent research by North Bridge Venture Partners, in collaboration with GigaOM Pro and The 451 Group, found that a third of firms have already embraced the cloud, while a further quarter plan to do so at market maturity.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler