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The list is the 'most important' element of a b-to-b campaign

Rachel Wheeler Archive

The need for effective and accurate list data for a b-to-b marketing campaign has been highlighted in a news article.

Writing for DMNews, John Coe, president of the Sales and Marketing Institute, has claimed that at least 60 per cent of a lead generation campaign is dependent on the list.

"An old b-to-b axiom is painfully true here: A great campaign sent to a lousy list will not do as well as a lousy campaign sent to a great list," he wrote.

The marketing expert suggested that it is not an uncommon occurrence to find 20 to 30 per cent of contact information stored of business lists to be incorrect.

Among the data stored on the lists includes contact names, address data and contact numbers.

The news could lead to a number of list providers looking to invest in address verification software in an attempt to improve their accuracy rate.

"We now have sources that promise improved accuracy and depth of data to find the right companies and people to fuel the most critical of the four lead generation elements - the list," Mr Coe added.

Posted by Paul Newman