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Three key takeaways from IRCE 2015

Last week Experian Data Quality took our show on the road to Internet Retailer Conference Expo (IRCE) in Chicago, Illinois. IRCE is the largest e-commerce event in the world where experts from all areas of the industry are represented.

Three topics that were widely discussed at IRCE included global e-tailing, keeping up with the evolution of technology and social commerce & marketing. 

Global e-tailing: Retail companies and e-commerce sites are expanding their reach to capturing new customers beyond the US shores. In conversations with attendees we discussed trends, opportunities and challenges of launching and expanding operations abroad. Behind this expansion is a ton of new data, and that data should be validated in real time as it is being collected.

Keeping up with the evolution of technology: As in every industry, technology is popping up left and right in the e-commerce space. A few years ago the conversation focused on Big Data as the key to success. Today, the conversation has turned to making sure that retailers are getting the technology behind the data right. Forrester Research presented on the Internet of Things and encouraged attendees to be prepared for the next wave of connected technology (and all the data that comes with it!)

Social commerce & marketing: Social media and marketing to consumers varies from business to business. However, they are key channels for retailers. IRCE did a great job in guiding attendees to better understanding the social platforms best suited for each business and how to develop a strategy to heighten the brand’s image in the shopper’s mind. At the end of day, who isn’t trying to get inside the head of their customers?

We really enjoyed spending time with the brightest mind of the e-commerce industry at IRCE 2015 in Chicago. We are already looking forward to next year at IRCE 2016!

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