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TIGER/ZIP has 'improved mail reliability'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The introduction of TIGER/ZIP radically improved mail reliability, it has been claimed.

Because it helps to direct mail, the practice reduces the amount of returned mail, Raymond Diautolo Senior, USPS public affairs and communications specialist, told industry news source Presort.

He said that TIGER/ZIP's introduction in the early 1990s did this because it "helps direct mail more accurately because it reduces handling and decreases the potential for human error and delivery to the wrong destination".

Mr Diatulo also stressed the importance of checking addresses, as "good address hygiene" is essential.

"It is important for customers to use the correct address information," he stated.

A recent report also highlighted the importance of address verification, citing the existence of eight towns by the name of Dallas as examples of why bad address practices can lead to returned mail and other complications.

However, the report said that the increased use of ZIP Code validation software had lessened the occurrences of these complications.