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Time for direct marketers 'to prepare for holiday rush'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Direct marketers should begin preparing now for the holiday season, it has been claimed.

Writing for ClickZ, industry commentator Heidi Cohen stated that firms should use the technique's three traditional aspects - audience, the offer itself and creativity – to assess their marketing solution.

She went on to say firm's should examine their market's demographic traits, psychographic characteristics, and behavioural actions to ensure they reach the largest and best audience.

"Determine whether you have overlooked any sizable secondary markets for your products. Ideally, demographics, psychographics, and behavioral traits should all be able to be applied," said Ms Cohen.

Earlier this month, studies conducted by GI Direct suggested timing is the key the factor which has the most influence over whether a customer will read direct marketing documents.

The research also found that 31.5 per cent of recipients are affected by the level of personalization that direct mail marketing displays.