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Time-specific offers can 'enhance direct mail campaigns'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
One method which US marketers can employ to improve their success rates from direct mail campaigns is time-specific offers, an expert has been suggested.

According to an article by Sean McPheat for Fresh Business Thinking, by offering customers an incentive to buy a product - such as giving away a free gift or trial - businesses are more likely to experience positive results from their marketing efforts.

"It doesn't need to be a big deal, or anything expensive, but the idea of getting something for free really motivates some people," Mr McPheat explained on the website.

In addition, the founder of MTD Sales Training recommended that organizations ensured that their direct mail copy was well written and concise to engage readers and encourage them to respond.

To minimize costs which could be incurred through returned mail, businesses should ensure that they take their time to check information pertaining to address data, DMNews reported.

Posted by Richard Jones