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Tips on reducing direct mail costs

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses should always focus on being cost efficient, even when times are good, an industry expert has said.

Maximizing presorting and address cleaning are some of the ways that firms could save money through the minimization of unnecessary costs, according to George Linkletter, in an article for direct mailing site Presort.

Using address verification to minimize the amount of returned post from UAA (Undeliverable As Addressed) mail was also highlighted by Mr Linkletter.

He said: "UAA mail is a hidden cost for most organizations. But it can be reduced. In fact, this is a great time to attack this ongoing cost. Why? Because fewer Americans are moving right now due to the credit crunch and recession. So the scope of your UAA problem is reduced, making it easier to implement the solution needed to improve address quality and deliverability."

Mr Linkletter also said that businesses will "be able to take advantage of a customer base that is a little more stable" through these measures.