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To generate sales, test everything

Rachel Wheeler Archive
One of the most important rules in crafting an effective marketing campaign is to test everything. Building a brand takes a careful, deliberate approach over a long period of time. Creating several control groups of consumers can help you test ideas, messages and promotions before launching a larger initiative.

All of this testing needs to be supported with accurate consumer data.  Companies need to ensure that their control group is representative of the wider audience. Groups that are missing key segments or favor one demographic too heavily can throw off the results. This can lead to expensive campaigns that are ineffective.

Data verification programs can help businesses maintain the accuracy of their test groups. As campaigns or messages shift focus, marketing teams also need to adjust their testing samples. The changes needed to continually refine the proper control groups creates the need to verify the consumer information again.  Ensuring data quality is just one step in a long test process that can generate creative and effective campaigns.

Ad campaigns that are properly tested can save companies millions of dollars in expenses. The message will be more effective and could generate a high return on investment. Testing is a valued part of the advertising process that needs to be supported with accurate data.