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Too many 'good' hosted CRMs on the market

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Organizations looking for the right hosted CRB solution for their business have been given some advice by one industry commentator.

Writing for TCM Net, Susan Campbell has claimed that there are "simply too many good CRM applications on the market today", which makes finding the right one a difficult task.

Ms Campbell explained that the technology should act as a robust database that is able to keep track of anything pending for each customer, supplier or partner.

In addition, the industry commentator recommended that businesses find a system which is able to offer extra features, such as reminders, automatic e-mails and the scheduling of follow-ups to help others deliver a high level of customer service.

"There are a number of different benefits you should expect from a hosted CRM solution, including the fact they are quick and easy to get up and running, they can be accessed from anywhere and they require less upfront cash to get started," Ms Campbell said.

"At the same time, there are also challenges to hosted CRM, including the fact that your data will be hosted by someone outside of your company."

Posted by Rachel Wheeler