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Too much data is difficult to manage

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Managing data is becoming a more difficult task for organizations to achieve, it has been claimed.

Writing for his IT Business Edge blog, Mike Vizard has suggested that the weight of data now stored by companies is spiralling out of control.

He argued that this creates a "perfect storm" in data management, with many companies looking to vendors to find a solution to the problem.

"As we see the rise of new approaches to managing data and new ways of processing and distributing that information, there's more diversity in data management than ever," he wrote.

"But it's becoming obvious that the need for speed has never been greater."

A recent survey conducted by Lepus and Thomson Reuters has found that in excess of three quarters of top level financial services are planning to increase their spending on projects that address data quality and consistency issues this year.

Businesses are looking to achieve a better idea of the risks involved with storing bad data, with 87 per cent of firms questioned citing this area as a priority.

Posted by Richard Jones