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Town asks for change in ZIP Code

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A town in Indiana has requested that the postal service change its ZIP Code.

Officials in Fishers, which has been growing steadily but rapidly in size over the last few years, found that some homes and businesses did not have the same ZIP Code as the rest of the town.

The differences caused confusions with utilities and taxes, as well as franchise fees for cable companies.

One such confusion was with the area of Geist, which will be become part of the town of Fishers on January 1st.

Officials found that many parts of the area would still contain old McCordsville or Fortville ZIP Codes rather than Fishers's.

To combat this they have put in a formal request to the USPS to change it.

Speaking to WTHR Indiana, local resident Jaye McCormick said that with all the "multiple addresses and school districts, multiple grade schools and high schools, it's very confusing".

The post office said that in order to fully change their addresses, the areas would need to change to one of the two Fishers ZIP Codes - 46037 and 46038.