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Transportation routes and volume can impact data quality

Paul Newman Archive

Big data strategies are not something companies can just set and forget if they hope to benefit from real insights. Advanced business intelligence tactics demand close attention over time, especially as enterprises harness larger volumes of content, according to Antifragile and The Black Swan author Nassim Taleb, who recently penned a piece for Wired Magazine. Taleb explains that while funneling in more information can give analysts more content to work with, it also opens the floodgates for additional errors than can hamper their ability to discern extremely valuable insights. 

Size is one concern, but transportation routes can also threaten data quality and analytics success, according to a post on the Musings of a Data Geek blog. If data are processed in multiple steps, handled by numerous analysts, altered and extracted, entered back into systems and transmitted across departments or companies, the number of opportunities for error multiply quickly. 

Although this may seem like a winding cycle, data can change hands as they are processed, stored and ultimately used in reports, the source adds. Having control over data lineage and quality may seem like difficult tasks in the short term, but they can help companies avoid larger issues down the road.