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Travel firm boosts marketing efficacy with CRM

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Travel company Uniglobe has revealed a new customer relationship management (CRM) solution has helped it to significantly improve the return on investment from its marketing approach.

The organisation has installed a new solution which uses a mass mailing tool to personalize newsletters to customers, reports Info World.

Better returns on investment have been achieved since the launch of the CRM solution, by improving the company's contact with its customers and helping develop a better long-term relationship with them.

By implementing the CRM solution, Uniglobe is making the most of its existing address data to keep in touch with customers.

However, any organisation looking to implement such a solution should ensure it has a high standard of data quality so as to ensure that address data is correct and the mailings are being sent to the right people.

Industry publication Marketing Direct has recently reported on the launch of a new campaign by car manufacturer Hyundai, which is using a CRM solution to target loyal customers.