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Trust is the 'Achilles heel' for cloud adoption

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Concerns surrounding the security of cloud computing are still weighing heavily on the minds of IT leaders and having a negative impact on uptake, industry professionals have claimed.

A number of organizations are still unsure about the safety of the technology, with "trust being the Achilles heel" for adoption, professionals at the NetEvents conference have been told.

This is despite the potential cost savings and reduced management overhead of cloud computing, the Computing website reported.

"[Migrating to the cloud will] take time because it could be the CIO writing his or her death warrant by putting critical apps in the cloud," Justin Fielder, chief technology officer at Easynet Global Services, said.

"If these apps go down, the business goes down with it."

However, a recent market forecast by the International Data Corporation forecast that spending within the global cloud computing market is expected to grow by around 30 per cent in 2011.

Posted by Richard Jones