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Turning big data wish lists into results

Paul Newman Archive

Companies across the commercial landscape are excited about big data, a fact that might be clouding their vision, according to InformationWeek. In fact, many businesses that already made the investment in their analytics tools have barely moved past the starting gate. Big data adopters can get hung up on their analytics wish lists and lose sight of whether their information has good data quality and is actually turning into results, the source adds. 

Financial firms are plugging in more customer data with the hope that they can determine which ads will be the most relevant to each viewer, InformationWeek reports. Medical facilities are harnessing patient information to identify treatment suggestions that doctors might not have already made. 

As ambitious as these goals are, big data adopters may be able to achieve them if they have the right strategies in place and use only the highest quality information. Some companies have poor data quality, while others suspect errors might have crept in because databases aren't regularly cleaned. To eliminate bad instances and correct the core issue, businesses can standardize naming conventions, perform routine maintenance and assign a team member to the task of database management, according to a blog post by Sylvia Jensen for B2B Marketing.