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Twitter is still a viable marketing tool

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Organizations considering using Twitter to gain a complete customer view for marketing should note that the platform is still growing.

Tim Gibbon, founder and director of Elemental Communications, suggested that the social media platform is likely to become more popular in the next few years as it has still not reached its critical mass.

"Twitter is developing its own tools to distinguish its position in the marketplace as it seeks to generate more revenue and improve services. The service has no intention of going anywhere," he said.

Indeed, the expert explained that the social media site is now addressing some of its original shortcomings in a way that will challenge its third-party competitors.

Matt Eve, owner of and author of The Essential Guide to Small Business Online Marketing, explained to companies seeking a complete customer view for marketing that social media can be very hard work.

He warned that organizations should only take on Twitter or Facebook of they are prepared to put the hours in.

Posted by Richard Jones