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Twitter setting advertising example, says expert

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Facebook and LinkedIn should learn lessons from Twitter about how to run a marketing campaign through social media.

This is the view of Kate Adamson, is a branding and media specialist with Stark Moore Macmillan, who says that Twitter is very transparent about how it monetizes its user base.

While Facebook may be hugely successful in terms of attracting online retailers and brands to advertise on its site, Ms Adamson suggests that some are put off by the methods used to promote products.

"I think it's unlikely that increased advertising will impact Twitter's growth, as long as it maintains its - so far - admirable transparency," she said.

However, recent data from Efficient Frontier shows that Facebook continues to be the social network of choice for brands, with ad spending on the site increasing by 25 per cent in the third quarter of 2011 and cost-per-clicks also rising.

Posted by Richard Jones