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UK authority: Health data quality rising, issues remain

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Every year, the U.K.'s Audit Commission issues a report to make sure NHS-backed healthcare providers are providing quality data regarding payment processing. According to this year's report, overall data quality is, indeed, on the rise, with a few areas remaining that need immediate attention.

As the NHS operates under government supervision, error-free data is important in determining funding and taxation. The recent Audit Commission report confirmed that a majority of primary care providers do, indeed, have sufficient data management systems in place, a promising development. High-level and advanced performance, however, still proved elusive.

One of the main data quality issues uncovered, however, and one with repercussions throughout the medical field, centered on companies previously given recommendations for improvement. According to the commission's report, many of these providers had not completed the suggested actions and problems remained.

The healthcare field has a number of data integrity challenges ahead as care becomes further digitized. According to a separate report by the American Health Information Management Association, there are quality issues with the electronic information interchange systems that will help providers trade data quickly in future. The source noted many records systems have redundant entries slowing them down.