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Underlying data quality issues can lead to a PR storm

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Not addressing data quality issues can have a serious effect on the reputation of an organization, it has been claimed.

Writing on his Data Quality Pro website, expert Dylan Jones explains that not solving underlying problems can lead to customer complaints - which will damage the reputation of a company.

Mr Jones said that the age of social media means that news about issues which are not addressed can spread quickly through communities formed by consumers.

"This is the new reality for any service company that continues to ignore data quality management in the age of 'new media'," he said.

"Your customers now have a voice that stretches far beyond their local community."

According to a recent report from TDWI, organizations looking to control procurement costs, manage supplier risk and raise the quality of their goods and services should implement data quality software solutions.

It suggests that data quality is extremely important in fields such as manufacturing and retail.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler