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Underlying data quality issues 'won't just go away'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Organizations must ensure that they do not just rely on new systems to improve their data quality, it has been claimed.

Writing for his OCDQ blog, Jim Harris explains that deep, underlying problems will not be resolved simply by upgrading to an "enterprise data warehouse" or a "master data management hub".

"However, some of the organizations that I discuss data quality with seem like they really do believe in the tooth fairy of data quality," Mr Harris notes.

"They do often act as if they believe that simply loading all of their existing data into a shiny new system … will magically resolve all of their enterprise-wide data issues."

Earlier this year, writing on his Data Quality Pro website, Dylan Jones claimed that businesses that do not address data quality problems face a potential PR disaster.

Mr Jones explained that an influx of customer complaints, as a result of poor data quality, is likely to damage the reputation of a company.

Posted by Paul Newman