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Understanding customers is 'essential for successful CRM'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Those using customer relationship management (CRM) software with a high level of data quality must ensure that they understand what consumers want in order to establish long-lasting relationships.

Speaking to, Tony Somers, from the Capital Media Group, says that getting to know customers and gaining an insight into their requirements is a key strategy.

Those who adhere to this idea will find that the consumer will see them as a trusted and reliable partner with which they are comfortable doing business with on a regular basis.

"The key is, what's going to help somebody's business, help them grow their business. If, ultimately, you're bringing them an opportunity to add greater profitability, greater efficiency to their organization then, by definition, they should look to you as someone that they see as a valued partner," Mr Somers told the website.

Meanwhile, Angie Hirata, worldwide director of marketing and business development for Maximizer Software, recently told Sales and Marketing that the economic downturn has made having accurate and up-to-date CRM even more important for companies.