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Unified approach needed by email marketers

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Email marketers have been told to create a unified approach to their campaigns and to ensure that this aligns with the strategies of other departments.

Tim Norman, director at SDL Web Content Management Solutions, has highlighted the fact that recipients tend to be less patient - which makes delivering targeted, timely content more important than ever.

Writing a column for the Fresh Business Thinking website, the industry professional explained that the most important thing for those working in email marketing to measure are click-throughs and conversion rates.

"Your corporate website, print campaign and even social media presence should reinforce one another and provide email recipients with a unified experience," Mr Norman said.

"This means that email marketers need to take an integrated approach and align with the strategies of other departments too."

Meanwhile, according to an article by, brands are being encouraged to engage with their customers as a result of ever-changing marketing trends.

It explained that businesses that utilize email marketing techniques to contact customers are more aware of the need to create personalized and targeted campaigns.

Posted by Richard Jones