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Unified computing 'could boost data quality'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Unified computing could become an increasingly important trend in the data quality industry as businesses move to integrate data center servers, storage and networks.

According to technology services company Accenture, unified computing will be more widely implemented over the next three to five years, reported.

The development may be of interest to companies involved in address verification as it has been referred to as a shift towards the "next generation data center".

Rockwell Bonecutter, Accenture's head of data center technology and operations in North America, told the website that a number of companies were moving towards unified computing and cloud strategies.

"The natural assumption you can derive from that is that this will be the hot button for new skills," he commented.

Mr Bonecutter went on to say that data industry employees must learn about the ideas, principles and architecture of unified computing, something he argues will lead to improved data services.