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Unified data storage 'helpful for companies of all sizes'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Data management processes at large and small firms alike can be improved through the use of unified storage, it is claimed.

According to Bob Plumridge, chairman of SNIA Europe, unified storage allows companies to make the best use of their available capacity.

In addition, data management is made simpler because firms no longer have to manage and maintain multiple storage devices for different types of information.

Mr Plumridge also explains that there are also benefits for small companies, who do not have to pay for as much physical floor space for their data storage needs.

He went on: "They obviously don't want to be spending money on storage that they can't use.

"So utilisation is just as important for small to medium enterprises as the large ones."

Research from the Aberdeen Group recently revealed that companies worldwide experienced an average data volume growth rate of 40 per cent in 2010.

Posted by Richard Jones