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Unified software 'can improve data quality'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Data quality can be improved by companies using a single system for business processes such as address data storage, a report suggests.

Fortune Business Leader Council Research suggests further efficiency savings can be obtained by inputting information in this manner, with quicker identification and fulfillment of customer needs arising from it.

Employees will also be able to access and work using consistent data if their company deploys a single system for storing and managing this, it states.

The report suggests that unified solutions will become more desirable, with staff from across the whole business needing to check information such as customer credit statuses, inventory levels or buying patterns.

It states that holistic tools which allow more effective data management can enable improved deliverability, faster inquiry resolution and more focused sales.

Businesses looking to roll out a unified customer relationship management system should get users' support by concentrating on those benefits directly relevant to each employee, reports.