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Unified storage offering data management benefits

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Firms looking to update their data management processes may wish to think about introducing unified storage.

The amount of data that firms are having to retain continues to increase, increasing the pressure on data management procedures to keep all of this information accessible.

According to Greg Schulz, founder of and author of Cloud and Virtual Data Storage Networking, there are a range of benefits to using unified data storage.

With such systems, the storage space is easy to acquire and deploy, but it is also possible to reuse the space and upgrade the systems.

The flexibility and practicality of unified storage also makes amalgamating data or departments much easier.

Mr Schulz goes on to explain the key issue to address is which solution is the most effective for a firm's needs.

He explained: "Some solutions are unified by design or within their architectures, while others have evolved or morphed into these capabilities. Some solutions perform better at block, some at file, some do both well."

Posted by Paul Newton