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Universities look to improve efficiency

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A growing number of higher education institutions are taking a "more enterprise approach" to software implementation, it has been claimed.

Hyland Software believes that many institutions are now looking to streamline their existing systems to make them more efficient and reduce costs.

The company argues that currently the technology employed by many universities acts as a hindrance towards achieving their goals.

Ian Levine, director of higher education solutions for Hyland Software, explains: "They're re-evaluating the software scattered among departments and consolidating the ones most important for their bigger goals."

In particular, the expert suggests that schools are adopting document management software to achieve these goals.

"It's part of how institutions are increasing efficiency and reducing costs across the entire campus, in areas as diverse as admissions, development and the registrar's office," Mr Levine says.

Meanwhile, Mike Statmore, director of University IT at Post University, Connecticut, recently claimed that implementing new CRM systems would help higher education institutions improve efficiency and better the student experience.

Posted by Paul Newman