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University of Michigan takes on CRM solution

Rachel Wheeler Archive
In order to help consolidate its fundraising units, a customer relationship management (CRM) solution has been installed by the University of Michigan (UM).

The institution currently operates over 40 fundraising units across three separate campuses, but the new software will centralize all the information and ensure greater data quality through more thorough integration and less autonomy for each unit, reports DMNews.

In this way, the fundraising projects run by UM will be more closely linked with the variety of additional financial programs used by the institution, maximizing efficiency and data quality across the board.

The development reflects UM's acknowledgement of the importance of the internet in building and sustaining links with the student body and the local community, while keeping the flow of funds moving efficiently through three separate campuses.

In another example of a CRM solution being used to improve fundraising efforts, similar technology has recently been taken on by the Women's Fund of Miami-Dade County to increase awareness of the organization and attract more donations, reports the Miami Herald.