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Unstructured data is 'biggest concern for companies'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The results of a recent survey show that the amount of unstructured data that companies are storing is growing fast.

According to a study by Compellent, over half (51 per cent) of those questioned pointed to the area as being the biggest source of data growth, in comparison to 37 per cent who identified structured data, such as databases, as their primary challenge.

The results suggest that organizations need to adopt a single unified strategy to tackle the problem.

Noemi Greyzdorf, research manager for Storage Software at IDC, said that taking a structured approach would enable IT departments to do more with their current resources.

"IDC research shows that the growth of unstructured data is tremendous. IT departments are looking to leverage scalable and flexible storage architectures to keep up with the data growth and data management," she added.

Meanwhile, a survey by Thomson Reuters and Lepus earlier this year found that a large number of financial service firms were looking to increase their spend on data quality projects.

Posted by Paul Newman