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'Unstructured data' poses management challenges

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Organizations face a growing challenge in managing "unstructured data", an expert has claimed.

Joe McKendrick, an SOA community manager for ebizQ and independent technology analyst, suggested that the era of "Big Data" is only just beginning as "the relentless growth of data" creates new performance and budgetary dilemmas for companies.

Writing for ZDNet, he noted that these problems have been compounded by the rise of unstructured and internet data in enterprises.

"Organizations have been struggling with unstructured data - such as graphical or video files - for years," said Mr McKendrick, adding that web-based or social data could also be included in the category of "unstructured data".

Among his predictions for the coming year, the specialist argued that advanced analytics will come to play a greater role in database management as organizations look to improve decision-making processes.

His comments come after technology company Pervasive Software recently explained that organizations are now expecting fast, affordable and efficient solutions which can provide data matching, profiling and remediation.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler