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UPS plans test for direct marketing drive

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The United Parcel Service (UPS) is to begin delivering marketing materials to US addresses to see whether customers will accept a new direct marketing drive.

Each day next week (beginning Monday September 28th), the company will use address data to send out direct marketing material in so-called Direct to Door Paks that will be delivered to a range of addresses alongside items customers have actually requested, reports the New York Times.

If the concept is accepted by customers during the five-day trial, it will be escalated in a bid to create more revenue for the company.

Lisa Lynn, marketing director for new product research and development at United Parcel in Atlanta, told the paper: "We did some focus group research and it really indicated that people were receptive to receiving offers from UPS. What we heard was, 'If UPS brings it to me, it's not junk.'"

In other news, drinks brand 901 Tequila, founded by singer Justin Timberlake, recently announced it was looking for fans to suggest new ways to promote the product to supplement existing direct marketing strategies, according to PR Week.