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US and EU stress commitment to data security

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The European Union (EU) and the US have reaffirmed their commitment to data protection and privacy.

Speaking in a joint statement, the EU and America described themselves as "global leaders in protecting individual freedoms".

As a result, they have pledged to continue cooperating with each other in order to improve consumer trust and assure people their sensitive details are safe and secure.

"The United States and the European Union clearly share a commitment to promoting the rights of individuals to have their personal data protected," the statement read.

In addition, they stressed their devotion to facilitating the "interoperability" of their commercial data privacy regimes.

The EU is currently in the process of reforming its data protection laws in order to ensure they reflect the way information is collected, handled and processed in the modern world.

In the US, a Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights has been put forward by the government, which should give people more control over what personal details are collected by businesses and how they are used.

Posted by Paul Newton