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US businesses thinking about the advantages of address verification tools

Rachel Wheeler Archive

Advances in technology and reduced marketing budgets as a result of the global economic crisis are causing US organizations to think carefully about the advantages of address verification software.

According to an article by Quick Printing, companies need to start thinking about investing in the service as a means of boosting their opportunities for growth among customers.

The article was written ahead of an industry event where a number of companies will be showcasing their data quality and address accuracy software.

"In every industry, technology shifts and shrinking marketing budgets have combined to transform client and prospect communications into a medium defined by data and address quality," says BCC executive vice president Chris Lien ahead of the showcase.

Experian QAS recently announced that it had been chosen by utilities company Con Edison to help improve the quality of the organization's address data.

The electric, gas and steam provider has purchased the technologies to help minimize the costs incurred through incorrect mailing addresses and returned mail.

Posted by Richard Jones