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US businesses worried about data security

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A number of businesses in the US harbor fears that the information stored on their databases is unsecure.

The results of the Small Merchant Data Security Survey, sponsored by First Data Corporation and the National Retail Federation found that while 79 per cent of businesses believe their data was secure, 21 per cent were unsure about their security.

"People are bad about gauging risk," Robert McMillon, director of solution development for security solutions provider, told DM News.

"We tend to prioritize things that are big and spectacular, and we underestimate risks that are more mundane."

Mr McMillon added that businesses believe data theft can't happen to them.

According to the results of the survey, a total of 31 per cent of respondents also performed background checks on employees who handle customer card data.

Meanwhile, a study conducted by Kalido has revealed that 80 per cent of businesses questioned had procedures in place to measure data quality.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler