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US Census Bureau praises cloud services

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The US Census Bureau has highlighted the savings it made during the recent 2010 Census thanks to its use of cloud computing, Network World has reported.

According to the news provider, the government agency was able to make substantial financial savings, while also boosting its IT capabilities because of the service.

The Census Bureau used both software as a service and infrastructure as a service applications to ensure that accurate data was collected.

Brian McGrath, chief information officer for the census, told the website that the approach was the most cost effective and efficient way to meet the requirements of the 2010 Census.

"We've gone from a model where we had one application on one server. Now we've got hundreds of guests in our virtual farms and we are realizing significant savings of $2 million a year because we've compressed down our hardware footprint," he said.

"There are still some concerns about the security in the public cloud. I have every confidence that those will work out in the coming years."

It is thought that the success of the cloud in this instance is likely to speed up the adoption of the service by other federal agencies as they look to save money.

The United States government is looking to implement as many cloud computing solutions as possible in the future, Reuters has reported.

Posted by Paul Newman