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US census forms to arrive in March

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Forms for the US census will be arriving in citizens' homes in March, it has been confirmed.

They will be delivered to every residence within the US and Puerto Rico, complete with ten short questions to answer and send back.

The event has been highlighted by many data quality practitioners as an ideal example of the importance of data quality, with information from more than 308 million people expected to be received throughout March and April.

United States Postal Service (USPS®) officials will be delivering the forms around the country.

The first ever US census was carried out in 1790 and the government is legally obliged under the terms of the US Constitution to conduct them every ten years.

In the first census, a total of 5,092,337 people were found to be living in the then 16 states of the US.

The document was also signed by Thomas Jefferson, who would become the third president of the US.