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US census utilizes Intelligent Mail® barcodes

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The US Census mailing represents the biggest use of the Intelligent Mail barcodes to date, the United States Postal Service (USPS®) has announced.

Set to arrive in homeowners mailboxes this week, the Census Bureau will target 120 million homes around the country and send out 426 million separate mailpieces.

Some of the benefits of utilizing Intelligent Mail barcodes on post include giving businesses the ability to track mail and offer address correction information, it will also makes processing a faster procedure.

Earlier this year the Census Bureau revealed that two sections of the country's 23rd census will relate directly to data quality and ensure that an accurate count is maintained.

According to Presort, a report in the Wall Street Journal claimed that adding the Intelligent Mail barcode to the census costs an additional $25,000 but it predicted that it would save $41 million in postage.

USPS recently reported that it had processed over seven billion items of Intelligent Mail, accruing over $2 billion in revenue from the service.

Posted by Richard Jones