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US companies must ensure their address data is correct

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses that utilize Standard Mail or discounted First Class Mail services from the United States Postal Service (USPS®) may be interested in changes to its Move Update system.

According to the updated regulations, organizations must update their mailing lists against USPS-approved databases to reduce the number of errors caused by incorrect address data.

The USPS will implement a testing process for companies to see how accurate their lists are and businesses with an error rate of 30 per cent or higher will face financial penalties.

Organizations will then be given the opportunity to withdraw the mailing, pay the penalty fare or appeal against the decision.

Because the sample is likely to include only a small fraction of the pieces in a mailing, a few extra pieces that have not been updated may cause the entire mailing to fail.

Consumers wanting to ensure that their address data is correct can use the USPS online address verification tool.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler