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US consumers bolster e-commerce sector

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A significant proportion of US consumers are now shopping online on a regular basis, new figures suggest.

Marketing company Compete has released the findings of its quarterly Online Shopper Intelligence Study, which has revealed that 83 per cent of customers now buy products online at least once a week.

The news is sure to interest businesses looking to take advantage of the growing e-commerce platform.

"As retailers look toward the rapidly approaching holidays, they should prepare for an uptick in spending," said Debra Arbesman, retail associate at Compete.

"Retailers should be mindful of these promising findings to create strategies that will better engage shoppers."

According to the data, in the coming six months the most shopped products online will be entertainment items such as movies, music, video games, e-media and books.

The growing popularity of e-commerce was highlighted by recent research from MasterCard Advisors.

Its SpendingPulse report found that the sector enjoyed double digit growth during July compared to the previous month.

Posted by Richard Jones