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US consumers 'more likely' to share bad experiences

Rachel Wheeler Archive
One-quarter of US consumers have claimed that they are far more likely to spread the word about a bad experience than a good one, a new study has revealed.

This is according to the latest research from COLLOQUY, which found that 26 per cent of survey respondents are more likely to spread the word to family, friends and co-workers about a bad experience with a product or service than a good one.

The news highlights the importance for companies to invest in improving their customer experience.

"Negative word of mouth is a function of the bad experience we all may have on occasion," said COLLOQUY managing partner Kelly Hlavinka.

Investigating the figures further, more affluent consumers scored highest for saying that they are more likely to spread a bad experience, at 30 per cent. This is in comparison to senior customers who scored the lowest at 19 per cent.

In other demographics, 25 per cent of young adults and 25 per cent of women said that hey would share bad experiences with friends.

Posted by Paul Newman