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US consumers 'prefer eco-direct marketing'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Consumers in the US are becoming increasingly eco-conscious, according to a new study.

Research carried out by computing giant IBM has suggested many Americans are becoming increasingly concerned about the planet and as a result would prefer to receive direct mail marketing if it is certified as environmentally-friendly.

The InfoPrint Solutions-commissioned study revealed traditional mail is more likely to be chosen as an option by consumers if they are sure it will have a less negative impact on the environment than in the past.

"Traditional mail is still an extremely trusted source for valued communications," explained Lee Gallagher, manager of direct marketing solutions at InfoPrint Solutions.

He continued: "It is clear from the results that consumers are aware of the need to be more sustainable and will make changes to help decrease the negative effect of their communications on the environment."

Direct marketing has remained an important way for businesses to get their message across to consumers during the global economic downturn.