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US government invests in data quality initiative

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The US government has announced that it will be making $12.2 million in funding available to 13 states through its Workforce Data Quality Initiative.

According to the Department of Labor, which issues the grants, the money will be available to enable states to build or expand longitudinal databases of workforce data that also link to education data.

States will use the databases to conduct research and analysis aimed at finding out about how effective the employment and training programs are in the country.

"These grants are an important part of the administration's efforts to increase the availability and use of high-quality data," said secretary of Labor Hilda Solis.

"By developing and improving databases, states will help those seeking training make better-informed decisions, all while more clearly demonstrating the link between employment and education in the long-term success of workers."

The grant opportunity comes from the government's focus on giving US citizens access to high-quality data.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler