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US government looks to the cloud for data storage

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The United States government is looking to implement as many cloud computing solutions as possible in the future, provided there are no issues with privacy and security.

According to Reuters, the government is looking to enforce the technology over the course of a decade-long transitional period, officials confirmed earlier this month.

However, concerns still remain over full adoption of the service because of the security of data.

During a hearing which examined the benefits and possible pitfalls of adopting the services, lawmakers and government spokespeople accepted that while the cost-saving benefits of the technology were clear, issues surrounding privacy remained unaddressed.

"As we move to the cloud, we must be vigilant in our efforts to ensure the security of government information, protect the privacy of our citizens and safeguard our national security interests," US chief information officer Vivek Kundra told lawmakers, Reuters reported.

Origin Storage recently claimed that businesses which decide to opt for cloud-based services run the risk of allowing a third party access to their data.

The company warned that organizations may run into problems if they decide to hand control of their information to a separate operator.

Posted by Richard Jones