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US government raises data quality issue

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Concerns have been raised over the data quality being used by the US government in relation to the Recovery Act, which has been created to help the country beat the recession.

President Obama's flagship initiative to help America get out of recession and on the road to recovery has been hailed by some as a success, while others have said its impact has been slow to be felt across the country.

However, there have been concerns raised in the latest report on the act from the government accountability office, which has questioned the ability of the authorities to maintain the high volumes of data being brought together.

"This unprecedented level of detailed information to be reported by a large number of recipients into a new centralized reporting system raises possible risk for the quality and reliability of these data," the report stated.

Data quality is a vitally important aspect of any such system, as it needs to be accurate to ensure reliable results can be taken from it.

Data cleansing is an important way to help maintain a high standard of data quality, something that many businesses already use as part of their customer relationship management (CRM) strategies.

Businesses need to maintain a high standard of address data quality during the recession to help make the most of their contacts and ensure they retain good communication with clients and customers.