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US govt website still faces data quality issues

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Data quality issues are still having a negative impact on the quality of the US government's IT Dashboard website.

This is according to the Government Accountability Office, which said that the site is failing to live up to its billing as a real-time indicator of information technology programs.

It added that the lack of data quality is a result of the formula used by the Office of Management and Budget to collect information, reported.

"The report also notes that agency data posted onto the dashboard often lags behind a project's true status or is inaccurate," the news provider explained.

It follows recent comments made by the general manager of IBM's information management software division, Arvind Krishna, surrounding data quality improvements.

He noted in a column for that problems with data can lead to a loss of revenue as well as market share.

Indeed, he also warned organizations housing bad data can lead to a number of business-wide problems occurring in the future, stating that issues can spread "quickly like a virus".

Posted by Paul Newman