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US healthcare reforms predicted to lead to surge in data

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Healthcare services in the US will need to make sure they address any data quality issues that may arise from a predicted upsurge in information caused by new legislation.

According to Information Week, the recent healthcare reforms are likely to mean that IT managers will have to deal with an increasing amount of new data provided by US citizens.

Mark Bowker, a data analyst, told the publication that the services were likely to see more data center consolidation, tougher decisions being made pertaining to database management and an uptake of virtualization models.

He also predicted that data would become centralized as hospitals joined together to archive old information.

"Data at rest is data that isn't accessed very often, but when doctors need it, they need it," he explained.

In addition, the article drew attention to an ESG survey which claimed that during 2010 spending on IT projects in healthcare would jump by 67 per cent.

Many data experts have recommended that businesses regularly update and check their data to prevent it becoming inaccurate and dated.

Posted by Richard Jones