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US healthcare system needs to address data quality concerns

Rachel Wheeler Archive
As the healthcare system in the US undergoes extensive reforms, the need for services to implement effective data quality campaigns becomes more important, it has been claimed.

Infomatica has suggested that the need for information and data management is now a "critical requirement" for those working in the sector.

Shekhar Iyer, senior vice president of healthcare and public sector work at the company, explained that the importance of data in healthcare was growing rapidly, with transparency, patient trust and loyalty important components.

"As the healthcare industry goes through a major transformation, one thing is abundantly clear, data will form the foundation building block for effective healthcare in the 21st century," he added.

Earlier this year, Information Week claimed that the healthcare reforms in the country would lead to IT managers having to deal with a large amount of new data provided by US citizens.

The article claimed that services were likely to see more data center consolidation, tougher decisions being made pertaining to database management and an uptake of virtualization models in the future.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler